Good Knight Princess Rescue

Good Knight Princess Rescue

In the online game Good Knight Princess Rescue, you can play as a brave knight who saves his beloved. Terrible monsters imprisoned the heroine in the castle. You must now fight them in order to save her. Find the appropriate weapon and battle each of the monsters. Be brave, and the princess will reward you with her love.

How to play

The princess is trapped in a house, and only collecting 8 keys will allow her to escape. You will encounter dangerous monsters while exploring the town in search of the key. Initially, your weapon is a stone; however, once you find the sword, you will gain more power. This is a warrior's adventure, and you are about to face an unknown challenge!


  • Rocks and a Sword are your two melee weapons!
  • A fun Story Kids' game with no real violence.
  • 3D Monsters that look amusing
  • Lovely surroundings
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