Huggie Wuggie Jigsaw

Huggie Wuggie Jigsaw

Huggie Wuggie Jigsaw is a fun online puzzle game where you use your mouse to drag the puzzle pieces into place. This game both helps you relax while maintaining the necessary sharpness. Choose 1 from 10 given pictures, solve jigsaw puzzles to earn $1000 and buy the next picture. There are 3 different difficulty levels, in which the hardest level gives you the most bonuses. Have fun playing!

How to play

Choose the difficulty of the game, which determines the number of pieces in the jigsaw puzzles. Drag the pieces to the right place and assemble the parts correctly to solve the Huggy Wuggy puzzles. In total, there are 12 different themes with more being added regularly in order to keep things fresh. You can also earn special rewards when you complete specific puzzles or complete a series of them quickly. 

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