The Last Stand

The Last Stand

The Last Stand is a zombie survival game in which you must defend your territory while destroying invading zombies. Make use of the daylight by repairing the zombie-damaged barricade. You must also search for weapons and survivors who can help you with the repairs. This zombie apocalypse can only be survived with meticulous planning and pinpoint accuracy.

How to play

You can defeat zombies by shooting them in the head before they reach your barricade. When they start destroying your wall, it's your job to rush up and kill them before they break through and make you one of them. How long do you think you can go on sleeping one night after the other in this unreal time?


  • Press W,A,S,D to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and fire.
  • Area for weapon swapping
  • Press R to reload.
  • To access options and pause, press ESC.
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