Slenderclown Be Afraid Of IT

Slenderclown Be Afraid Of IT

Slenderclown Be Afraid Of IT is a first-person survival fantasy game with two narratives to complete. Slenderman has disguised himself as a frightening clown in this episode. He is also accompanied by an army of demonic clowns brought from the depths of the underworld.

How to play

You must complete two objectives while attempting to defeat Slender Clown and his followers. Each assignment takes place in a creepy setting, such as an abandoned carnival or a deserted building. You must try to collect the various colored balloons and then utilize the various weapons available to you to exterminate the clown creatures!


  • 3D graphics are impressive.
  • There are two missions available: Abandoned Carnival and Abandoned Building.
  • Slenderman has a new model.
  • A flashlight to aid in your navigation.
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