My Zombie Driving Apocalypse

My Zombie Driving Apocalypse

My Zombie Driving Apocalypse will provide you with a completely unique zombie game experience. Cars may be the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse, so get one. Drive it down the dark night road, avoiding zombies. Collect power-ups to gain advantages, fuel, and repairs. Make sure your car is in good condition so you can earn more points. Invest in some brand-new automobiles and let loose for a while.

How to play

To stay alive, you must drive and shoot Zombies! The game is all about surviving. If you crash, a life will be lost. You will lose a life if you run out of bullets. So drive quickly and shoot effectively! New challenges await you, and the better you play, the more points you receive! Keep in mind that each level has its own set of traps and dangers. And the more time passes, the more difficult it becomes.

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