Momo: Horror Story

Momo: Horror Story

Momo: Horror Story is a first-person survival horror game set in a big house. The owner of the house (that is you) receives a message from Momo that tells you that she is already here and ready to become your living and last nightmare. Be careful and try to survive before the police arrive.

How to play

You notice this weird person might be closer to you than you expected. Once you have called the police, you have to escape this cruel killer inside your own house until they arrive. Everything you have at the beginning is a flashlight. 

You need to find a way through this house, without being caught by the killer. It is very important that you always keep moving, so it will be harder for Momo to catch you. Otherwise, she will appear right behind you and the only thing the police will find when they arrive will be your dead body.

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