Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum

Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum

Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum is a first-person horror adventure game set in a hospital occupied by a mentally ill grandfather. Everything went black one day while you were walking along the street! You've awoken in a creepy old asylum. Grandpa is a crazy old man.

How to play

Grandpa is a frightening and insane old man who is hidden in the house behind you! Find out what his secret is before it's too late! Search every room in the house for the keys and concealed weapons to protect yourself. Surviving is critical because if he kills you, you must restart the game. You'll move with the W, A, S, and D keys, leap with space, sprint with shift, crouch with CTR - L, aim and shoot with the mouse, and reload with R.

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