Granny House

Granny House

In this amusing online 3D games, try to escape from the creepy Granny House. A bizarre tale is growing in a certain town about a deranged granny who kidnaps children at night and locks them up in an abandoned house. She is supposed to be more terrifying than anything in a horror film, crueler than any demon or twisted clown. Will they be able to flee the insane asylum without being apprehended?

How to play

It is a PvP team match with two grannies and six Dorothy. Dorothy's role here is to collect three hints that are already concealed in the house, as well as to discover a way out of the spooky mansion. To interact, click or tap.

Granny House Features

  • Parkour over jump patterns with obstacles set at random!
  • Form a team with various responsibilities to combat adversaries and embark on the journey of learning the truth concealed in the house!
  • Combine your abilities to move faster and make the game easier!
  • Defeat your opponents and flee Granny's House!
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