Escape from Ayuwoki

Escape from Ayuwoki

Escape from Ayuwoki is a horror-adventure video game played in the first person. Run and hide whenever you hear ayu woki hee hee, because your new neighbor enji ayu wiki, who keeps you in Jacksons fort prison, is out to get you. To avoid the horrific creature known as "The Ayuwoki," you must flee a haunted mansion as discreetly as possible.

How to play

The goal of this horror adventure simulator is to escape the Jackson Mansion. To execute such a mission, you must exercise extreme caution because your new neighbor, The Ayuwoki, can hear you, therefore exercise extreme caution when running, jumping, or opening the doors to the Jacksons Manor. If The Ayuwoki is close enough to hear it, any noise could attract eni ayu wiki.

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